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Composites UK: Recomp - Reuse and Recycling of FRP Composites

Join us online for Recomp 2020 to learn about recent developments in re-use, recycling, recovery, re-purposing of fibre reinforced polymer composite parts, fibres and resins. The event includes feedback from major international projects including Dreamwind, EcoBulk, FiberEUse and Re-Wind.


Monday 23rd November

1pm: Tutorial: EcoCalculator Tutorial with Jaap van der Woude, EuCIA
3pm: Tutorial: Tutorial: How to use Recycled Carbon Fibre in Manufacturing, ELG Carbon Fibre

Tuesday 24th November

12.30pm: Session 1: Strategic Priorities and Life Cycle Assessment

  • Introduction to Composites UK & Sustainability Activities - Stella Job, Composites UK
  • Priorities for a Sustainable Future for Composites - Lucy Eggleston, National Composites Centre
  • EuCIA Actions for Life Cycle Assessments and Recycling: An Update - Jaap van der Woude, EuCIA
  • Wind Turbine Blade Waste Prediction and its Environmental Impact by 2050 - Fanran Meng & Dr. Jon McKechnie, University of Nottingham
  • Recycled Carbon Fibre: A Sustainable Solution for High Volume Manufacturing - Camille Seurat, ELG Carbon Fibre

3pm: Session 2: Feedback from Major International Projects

  • Vestas Sustainability Strategy and Partner Projects - Allan Poulsen, Vestas Wind Systems
  • Re-Wind: Driving Innovation to Explore Sustainable Re-Use of Decommissioned Wind Turbine Blades - Prof. Jennifer McKinley, Queens University Belfast
  • FiberEUse: Large Scale Demonstration of New Circular Economy Value-Chain Based on the Reuse of End-of Life Fibre Reinforced Composites - Prof. Marcello Colledani, Politechnico di Milano
  • Ecobulk: The Circular Economy of GFRP Composites: Demonstration of New Products Using Recycled Composites  - Olivia Bertham, Oakdene Hollins

Wednesday 25th November

10am: Session 3: Manufacturing with Recycled Carbon Fibre

  • Manufacture of Automotive Panels and Tooling from Recycled Carbon Fibres - John McQuilliam, Prodrive Composites
  • Developing a Compression Moulded Complex Geometry Component with Unidirectional Recycled Carbon Fibre SMC - Dr. Zhe Liu, Lightweight Manufacturing Centre, National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS)
  • Welded Compression Moulded Parts Based on Thermoplastic Carbon UD Tape Factory Waste - Maarten Labordus, KVE Composites Group
  • Re-Use and Recycling of Continuously Reinforced Thermoplastic CRFP Material - Christian Braun, Ensinger Composites Schweiz
  • Monitoring Degradation in Multiple Cycles of Injection Moulded Recycled Carbon Fibre / Polyamide Composites - Dr.Peter Wilson, Warwick Manufacturing Group

12.30pm: Session 4: Effective GRP Recycling and Re-Use

  • Towards a Cost-Effective Recycling Process for GRP Waste - Dr. Liu Yang and Dr. Kyle Pender, University of Strathclyde
  • Chemical Recycling of Blades - Pilot Scale Testing in DecomTools Project - Nina Vielen-Kallio, Virol BV
  • Sustainability Analysis of a Pedestrian Bridge made from Repurposed Wind Turbine Blades - Angela Nagle, University College Cork
  • Recovery of Construction Elements from Wind Turbine Blades - Jelle Joustra, TU Delft
  • RETRACKING: Smart Solutions for Mechanically Recycled GRP in Construction and Retail Applications - Giorgio Betteto, Gees Recycling

3pm: Session 5: Fibre Alignment and Recyclable Resins, followed by Panel Discussion

  • The Upscaling of The Hiperdif Technology Towards Industrial Manufacturing Volumes - Lourens Blok, University of Bristol
  • Highly Orientated Thermoplastic Tapes from Recycled Carbon Fibre - Michael Sauer, Fraunhofer
  • Recyclamine® - Novel Amine Building Blocks for a Sustainable World - Andreas Palinsky, Aditya Birla Chemicals
  • Panel Discussion with Alan Banks, Ford; Allan Poulsen, Vestas Wind Systems A/S; Jaap van der Woude, EuCIA; Thomas Turner, University of Nottingham; Steven Brown, Scott Bader; chaired by Stella Job, Composites UK


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