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DIT: Pitching and Winning Business Online

Are you ready to take your virtual pitch to the next level?

Two 1/2 day workshops:

  • Tuesday 2nd March 2021: 10:00-13:30
  • Wednesday 3rd March 2021: 13:00-16:30

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Why should you join this virtual event?

Get ready for a comprehensive master class with practical tools and advice from our industry expert to help your business deliver a virtual pitch to resonate with potential business prospects. 

Many businesses have had to rapidly pivot their products or services to realign with changing market needs; the ability to translate this into a clear, concise and confident pitch is crucial to business success.

This interactive event will help you learn to pitch like a pro, fine-tune your sales delivery and be ready to deliver & convert in an online environment - you cannot afford to miss this essential one-stop-shop to pitching virtually.

What will you learn?

  • Discover a pitching methodology to ensure your message is compelling, professional and persuasive
  • Understand how to communicate a seemingly complex idea or business model with clarity and authority
  • Hear ideas on how to build rapport and present motivating messages
  • Learn what online tools you can use to create engaging and professional pitches in this new online working environment while continuing to keep your audiences engaged and interested
  • Understand how to overcome objections
  • And much more


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