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Composites Industry’s Meeting Point in Eurasia: Eurasian Composites Show 2019

The rate of growth of Turkey's Composites Sector is higher than the growth rates of Europe and the world. While the sector recorded an average rate of growth of 8%-12% up until 2010, an expansion of 9%-10% is expected in the following years.

The world Composites Sector, standing at 7.3 million tons, represents a trade volume of 43.5 billion Euros. The production volume of the European composites sector is 2.25 million tons and that of Turkey is 120,000 tons.

In Turkey, the use of composites in the automotive, construction and infrastructure sectors comprise more than half of total composite usage. The rapid growth in the automotive, construction and infrastructure sectors has captured the interest of foreign manufacturers. Turkey's geographical location, the fast pace of the building sector, and the fact that Turkish companies now play a part in the construction sectors of neighboring countries are factors that have created a rapid expansion in the production of composite materials. It is foreseen that this growth will continue in the years ahead.

With international automotive corporations expanding their production facilities in Turkey, new companies starting to manufacture, and the tendency of the sector to concentrate on light vehicles in order to lower gasoline costs, durable composite materials are now being preferred over metals. The need for these materials has contributed greatly to the development of the sector.

In this context organisers Artkim have added another Industrial Exhibition to the series of exhibitions that they organise along with its industrial publications through which, for some years now, have been sharing experiences with the chemicals industry. This new event is Eurasian Composites Show which premiered in 2003, will bring together the composites industries of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Balkans in Istanbul for the second time.

To be held on November 28-30, 2019, the "4th International Composites Raw Materials, Semi-Finished, Final Products and Technologies Exhibition” Eurasian Composites Show 2019 will signify an important step in the direction of contributing to the establishment of new commercial ties, the advancement of Research and Development efforts, and broadening the interchange of information in the sector.

If you are looking to be a part of this meeting of the Composites Industry and secure your place at the Largest Composites Industry Platform in Eurasia, please contact us via to get more information about the participation details.



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