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EuroMech Colloquium 607: Marine Aging of Polymers

EuroMech Colloquium 607: Marine Aging of Polymers (including composites, foams and fibres)

There are increasing quantities of polymer-based materials being used in marine structures. These range from thousands of composite pleasure boats to the hundreds of tons of offshore oil and gas pipe insulation, but in all cases their useful service life is limited by the effects of the marine environment on the mechanical performance of the polymer. Marine aging factors include sunlight for surface vessels, and hydrostatic pressure for deep sea applications but the main specificity in all cases is seawater. Many studies have focused on interactions between seawater and polymers over the last 50 years but new combinations of materials and more extreme service conditions (deeper water, higher temperature) require more reliable predictive tools than the simple experience-based safety factors used to date. This requires new, improved models of mechanical response and more realistic experimental test facilities to validate them. It is also essential to include coupling effects between water and mechanical loads, and work on these is at an early stage. The overall objective of the colloquium is to establish the state of the art in both the knowledge and prediction of the mechanical response of polymers and composites in a marine environment and to propose new research orientations.

The colloquium will address the following topics, in four half-day sessions:

  • Polymers and elastomers
  • Foams and syntactic foams
  • Polymer fibres
  • Fibre Reinforced polymers

Each session will include between four and six papers, followed by a discussion period. 

The provisional scientific programme is now available:



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