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FIBROMIX-2019 - Composite Materials and Structures in Today's Building Industry


Conference organizers:
•    Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Construction (SPbGASU)
•    "QUINTET" Agency (Saint-Petersburg)

The purpose of this conference is uniting the effort, common practices and findings of investigations of the leading scientists and experts in all aspects of the new composite materials and structures used in today's building industry. This is the largest interdisciplinary forum - a platform for presentation and discussion of the innovations, trends, emerging issues, practical problems and solutions in the field of new composite materials and structures of the building industry.

FIBROMIХ – an international platform for effective meetings of representatives of the scientific and business communities involved in the development, production and practical use of composite materials and solutions based on them in construction.

Main subjects and goals of the conference are:


  • development and application of efficient continuously reinforced concrete using fibers of different types and sizes;
  • development of composite designing methods, technologies of products and structures based on composite materials;
  • ways to enhance corrosion resistance of building composites and durability of structures based thereon;
  • designing of composite- based structures including earthquake resistant structures;
  • development of methods and tools for nanostructured modification of building composites, etc.

Key topics:

  • Composite materials – the basis of modern building materials science
  • Durability and operational reliability of building composites and structures
  • Experience of practical use of the results of scientific research in the field of modern building composites
  • Practical part

Prospective attendees invited to the conference are representatives of specialized research institutes and universities, design and construction organizations, manufacturers of building materials and products.
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