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Finding Success With Composites Through Virtual Manufacturing

In the wake of flexible and sometimes revolutionary designs, composite structures are experiencing rapidly emerging opportunities in both the automotive and aerospace industries. Lightweight materials are key for manufacturers to achieve goals such as:

  • Extending the range of electrified and traditional vehicles without sacrificing strength, stiffness, or performance
  • Meeting the need for larger volume production of components used throughout the aircraft.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how virtual prototyping allows OEMs to validate the product performance with manufacturing intent. Ultimately enabling them to overcome the challenges facing the product and process engineering for higher volume composite parts.


  • Overcoming the challenges which arise when part design and materials design intersect
  • Addressing parts and components ranging from large structures to smaller components, from low production volumes to more mass-produced objects.
  • How Automotive, Aerospace, and Marine companies are finding success with composites simulation tools

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