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Fluency Marketing: Advanced Materials for the Smart Future of Buildings

The construction market is one of the largest in the world and the industry continues to develop, looking for materials to enable innovative designs for projects or to offer novel solutions to challenge industry specifications and standards.
The ConstructionAM series of webinars highlights the different ways that advanced materials can be utilised throughout the construction and infrastructure sectors.
Presented by radio broadcaster, presenter and producer, Alan Hyde, the webinar will be joined by experts in the field:
Ivica Kolaric, Head of Business Unit Process Industry and of Department of Functional Materials at Fraunhofer IPA.
His presentation will focus on new materials for breathable skins, which are being developed for us in the next generation of buildings.
Graeme Jones, Managing Director of C-Probe Systems.
C-Probe provides network corrosion management systems for monitoring and protection of corrosion to structures.
Eli Voet, Managing Associate of Com&Sens.
Com&Sens specialises in the implementation of fibre optic sensing technologies on steel, concrete or composites structures for structural monitoring or design validation applications.
To register, please follow this link, where you can sign up for our free-to-attend webinar on 28th October at 14:00 (BST).
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