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FRPM 17 - Fire Retardant Polymeric Materials

The University of Bolton and University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) are delighted to be hosting the 17th European Meeting on Fire Retardant Polymeric Materials. Fire research at the University of Bolton has a history spanning nearly forty years in areas of textiles, fibre-reinforced composites and bulk polymers with particular emphasis on development of novel flame retardant systems, fire gas analysis, fire retardant mechanisms and associated modelling.

The Centre for Fire and Hazards Science at UCLan has its origins in Fire Safety Engineering, in which it is a leading provider of research and education. Over the last 10 years it has grown in strength to become world-leading in fire chemistry and especially fire toxicity. The group have focussed on: developing new tools for the quantification of fire behaviour; the effects of scale-up to large fires; and the acute and chronic hazards of fire effluents.

The final day of the conference will focus on composites and the whole day’s programme is open to separate registration. Please click here for the composites day flyer.

Composites UK members receive a 10% discount when attending the composites day at this event (Thursday 6th July). Contact us to be put in touch with the organisers to obtain this discount.



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