Supporting UK Composites

Growing UK supply chains for materials and components in advanced composites

This event is relevant if you are interested in understanding the materials for composites supply chain & would like to help shape future funding.

Composite materials offer a number of benefits – they are lighter, stronger, more durable and can offer added functionality when compared with other materials. Composites have the ability improve a product’s performance and lifespan, there are also energy efficiency benefits associated with a lighter material. Applications are widespread in aerospace, automotive, defence, oil and gas, rail and construction industries to name a few.

A Special Interest Group (SIG) project facilitated by the Knowledge Transfer Network and sponsored by Innovate UK has delivered a range of activities focused on the materials supply chain for advanced composites. As the project draws to a close this event aims to provide an overview of activities from across the materials for composites community, inform the community of the SIG outputs, and build on priority areas identified through the SIG for government intervention.

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