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Introduction to CompoSIDE's BoMGen Tool

This webinar will provide an introduction to the capabilities of CompoSIDE's Bill of Material generation tool, BoMGen.  The company will demonstrate how flexible CompoSIDE can be in allowing you to manage the impact of design decisions on material costs and weights.

The generation of Bill of Materials is a key part of every composite project and its creation can take a significant time.  CompoSIDE's BoMGen tool allows rapid generation of the bill of material, weight and cost estimation of your design.

In this webinar you will see how to:

  • Perform an initial selection of composite materials and manufacturing processes
  • Stack materials to build a laminate, calculate properties with integrated micro-mechanics and CLT
  • Optimise material and process factors to suit your need
  • Automatically calculate Bill of Materials with all product weights, surface and costs
  • Compare total materials costs for a number of design cases and materials selections
  • Generate shopfloor deliverables instantly

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