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The Journey and Innovation to Net Zero

By 2050, it is a government requirement for UK business to achieve or be seen to be working towards Net Zero carbon emissions. With a target in place of a 68% reduction of emissions by 2030 and 78% by 2035, now is the right time for businesses to be thinking ahead and having a strategy in place to #GoGreen.

During this session, Access2Funding and Western Union Business Solutions will work through the step-by-step changes that can be implemented, including the solutions to make this both feasible and affordable. Access2Funding will assess industry trends, top tips, and how the HMRC Tax Credits incentive could act as a cost saving solution whilst supporting the climate pledge. Alongside this, Western Union Business Solutions will provide insight into key market events, currency outlooks, and offer you the opportunity to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy while taking advantage of our unparalleled expertise in currency risk management. To conclude the session, there will be an opportunity to 'Ask the Expert' over teas and coffees.



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