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KTN: Accelerating net-zero chemical manufacturing: Carbon capture, storage and utilisation

The KTN Chemistry and Industrial Biotechnology Team believe that given the current policy messages around Net Zero and the drive towards a more Circular Economy, there is a need to act now to develop new value chains for chemicals from alternative feedstocks so that we can lead in Net Zero chemical manufacturing.

Through this webinar series you will hear from in-sector and cross-sector experts who will share their knowledge and help our community stimulate ideas around how to build on our capabilities and leverage future opportunities. This series will culminate in an interactive brokerage event that will identify exciting, collaborative, market-led projects that will accelerate our Net Zero ambitions.

Caron capture, storage and utilisation: There is a great deal of attention on Carbon Capture Storage and Utilisation at the moment with the promise of some significant investments in Capture and Storage in the UK. In this webinar we will focus on the opportunities for chemical and/ or industrial biotechnology (alone or in combination) to utilise CO2 to produce materials and chemicals. We believe this is an extremely important area where we already have some fantastic capability but where we also required significant more investment to fully exploit.

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