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LIMAS 2019

Rapid modern advancements in material technologies such as lighter and stronger alloys, reinforced plastics, and new approaches to fabrication techniques, mean that not only can all types of engineering structures be constructed in a way which enables greater strength, but in combination to this these structures are also crucially becoming lighter than ever before. Whilst the ability for lightweight construction creates countless new opportunities, it also presents many challenges and hurdles to overcome; engineers must seek to optimise performance and reliability whilst maintaining the strength, stiffness and minimising the fabrication cost of the structures whilst utilising the new, lightweight solutions available to them. However, as is often the case, cost leads the path forward; A perfect balance of cost, performance, and reliability must always be achievable if lightweight materials and construction methods are to tip the scale and force industry players to abandon more conservative methods. As a result, the need for interaction between researchers and the industry has never been more pertinent, and LIMAS 2019 facilitates this interaction by providing a platform for leading researchers, technology developers, industrial players and supply chain partners to converge and promote the exchange of ideas and methodologies, thereby carving the path forward for the industry.

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