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Make UK: redundancies in the context of Covid-19

The webinar will cover a range of questions, including:

  • Can you carry out redundancy consultation while staff are on furlough? 
  • Will employee representatives be able to perform their role while they are furloughed? What about the HR and line managers who run the process?
  • What’s the best way to ensure that all at-risk employees in a collective redundancy have an appropriate representative, and how can you ensure that consultation is thorough and effective, given that many employees may not be in the workplace (e.g. because they are working from home, off sick, or on furlough)?
  • Can you rely on the “special circumstances” defence to shorten the time you must spend on collective consultation?
  • What logistical and practical issues will you need to bear in mind when setting your redundancy selection criteria? Are there any particular discrimination risks when selecting employees in the current circumstances?
  • How will you carry out effective one to one consultation with employees who are not physically present? 
  • Is the calculation of statutory redundancy pay affected by the fact that an employee has been on furlough?
  • Can an employee be on notice and on furlough at the same time (i.e. does giving notice affect your ability to claim payments under the furlough scheme)? 
  • Is it unfair to dismiss employees as redundant while the furlough scheme remains in operation?

Cost: £195 +vat for Make UK non-members / £145 + vat for Make UK members

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