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Materials World and Recycling and Waste Management Show

With the breadth of materials being worked used across within the recycling and waste industry, it can be difficult to find the correct way to deal with particularly tricky waste. This is where RWM steps in with Materials World, a dedicated area of specialist associations, non-profits and organisations who are able to educate and inform visitors in all things waste and waste management!

Materials World will champion these teams, showing the entire RWM crowd the amazing work they do in order to effectively deal with difficult waste. From rubber, textiles, glass, plastics and metals, there will be an expert for every material, leaving no stone unturned in the mission to maximise our waste management.

You should find time to visit Materials World if you work with tricky materials on the regular and are curious if there are better, safer and more efficient methods to deal with your waste away from the pressures to immediately turn it all into money. Sometimes just dealing with the waste is all you need to do, and RWM will provide the answers you require!

Waste can be big money, but finding out exactly what something is worth can be a trying task in itself. Materials World will be the place to go to find out everything about specific materials, from actually disposing of the waste through to pricing it and recognising the benefits that can come from certain materials. This is place to be if you want to fill in gaps and expand your knowledge.


There will be a discounted rate for Composites UK members exhibiting at this show. Details will appear here, or contact the office in the meantime.


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