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Multimaterial composites for multifunctionality

NetComposites launches a brand new conference bringing together researchers, designers, manufacturers and end-users to showcase the latest developments in hybrid composite solutions within high value sectors such as automotive, aerospace, rail and energy.

It is often the case that the optimum balance of performance and cost is obtained through the use of multimaterial assemblies of composites, metals and polymers. Hybrid material structures that exploit the principle of using 'the right material in the right place' provide new design opportunities, and are often a stepping stone to the more widespread adoption of high performance materials such as composites.

However, the design and manufacturing of multimaterial structures is not without its challenges. Robust strategies for material selection, assembly, repair and end-of-life must all be developed. Furthermore, opportunities for incorporating additional functionality ought to be exploited to maximise the benefits of the hybrid approach.

This conference will explore the opportunities and challenges of hybrid material structures, with a particular emphasis upon the integration of composites. It will also provide a forum for companies and individuals to explore the latest trends in hybrid composite structures and identify new opportunities for products within their business areas.


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