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NDT for Automotive Composites - Consortium-building Workshop

In March 2017, a Workshop on NDT Requirements for Automotive Composites identified and documented (see report) a broad range of key requirements that need to be met in the relatively short timescales before composites become widespread in mass-produced road vehicles.  These NDT requirements include high-rate inspection problems at manufacture as well as  in-service inspection of damage for repair/replace/scrap decisions. The potential benefits of high-fidelity NDT in the design and process-verification stages of the life cycle were also identified, opening up the design space for light-weighting. In addition, the skills shortage was highlighted - a lack of composites-trained NDT operators in the automotive industry, especially in the maintenance and repair facilities. The workshop attendees required mandatory NDT personnel certification for inspection of composites and asked the British Institute of NDT to consider providing this.

It has been recognised that these requirements will not be met without coordinated, funded programmes to address the problem,s including research, development, transitioning into industry, training and personnel certification. This consortium-building workshop is the first stage in the development of a proposal for submission to Innovate UK to establish the underpinning technical knowledge, equipment and techniques, as well as training and certification requirements in the required time frame.

Register for this workshop at NCC to become part of the process and join a consortium to address the automotive challenge of our generation.

Registration is free of charge provided this is received in advance. Please email Paul Gallen to book your place.



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