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Next Generation Composite Matrix Materials Conference

Composite materials are now becoming widely used in a number of applications. However, much of the matrix materials chemistry has remained unchanged for a number of years.

Now that confidence in composites has increased, users are looking for additional benefits such as:

  • added functionality
  • reduced cost/increased added value
  • increased chemical/environmental resistance
  • improved processing
  • reduced environmental impact
  • fatigue and moisture resistance
  • affordable higher specific properties
  • fire and temperature resistance
  • and more…

Advances in materials chemistry have the ability to bring these added benefits.

The Composites Leadership Forum and the UK Chemistry Council have both identified Materials for Composites as a growth opportunity for the UK. This conference aims to highlight UK research excellence in this area. UK SMEs operating in the chemicals sector who are not currently supplying, but may have something to offer into the composites sector are particularly encouraged to get in touch.



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