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Plant Based Summit

The biobased solutions International Conference and Exhibition

Lille Grande Palais, France


The Plant Based Summit is a unique opportunity to present your latest developments and solutions to more than 700 international public and private decision-makers. Participants to the conference typically include end-users, producers of biobased intermediates, biomass producers and transformers, R&D specialists, business angels, investment funds as well as European and national decision makers. 

In 2017, the following key bio-based markets will be particularly emphasized:

• Home care, detergence 
• Personal care, cosmetics 
• Leisure (toys, sport equipment, gardening…) 
• Paints, Coatings, inks and solvents 
• Construction (insulation, …)
• Plastics and materials 
• Automotive 
• Packaging
• Water treatment 
• Solvents 
• Lubricants 

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