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The Real World's Counterpart: Digital Twins - The Present and the Future

This year, the Royal Aeronautical Society is hosting a Conference that illustrates current Digital Twin applications and the potential for future development. The Digital Twin has been defined as a digital replica of a physical system, process or device. It is suggested that a Digital Twin can be produced for almost anything and can be used to gain extra insight into the operation of the physical counterpart in order to improve the operation of the physical system, perhaps by predicting when physical components need changing or repairing, or by identifying physical changes to the system which could improve its operation.

We are familiar with the use of digital models for the analysis of physical systems. One example in the structures and materials area is the use of finite element models to design and study the performance of aircraft structures. This is one element of a digital twin which could simultaneously cover many aspects, such as thermodynamic performance, fatigue and efficiency. There have been many recent references to the use of digital twins of aircraft engines employing data from in-service engines to predict when an individual engine needs maintenance or identify systematic problems which might need modification.

This topic follows previous activities by the group on examining the accuracy of finite element models and assessing how numerical methods might be used to identify changes in the model to improve accuracy, Digital Twins will include other technologies, such as fluid dynamics and thermodynamics for example. This time, it will be necessary to pick a number of applications of digital twins, identify the critical problems and come up with suggestions as to how confidence in the modelling can be improved.

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