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Reducing the Burden of Repair Workshop

There is a unique opportunity to build a new research community combining a range of industry members and academic researchers to address a key challenge faced by the composites community, namely the sustainable repair of new and aging composite products.  

The Industry Advisory Board of Bristol Composites Institute has highlighted the need for further research and development around composite repair.  Two exploratory meetings attended by nine industry partners across a range of sectors has shown that they all collectively faced with the same challenges and needs.

This event at the NCC and subsequent roadmap outcome, provides a focussed event to galvanise the composites community around, i.e. the need to future-proof composites by optimising their resource efficiency through continually exploring novel materials, process capability and informed application. The partners will gain insight of the latest research activities within UoB, the NCC (especially the new Sustainable Partnership between NCC and CPI) and within the wider partner organisations.

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