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Resin Transfer Moulding Familiarisation



  • Introduction to RTM
  • Examples of various RTM projects

General explanation of the RTM process:

  • The differences between the various types of RTM process (RTM, Light RTM, VRTM, HPRTM etc)
  • The fundamental principles of the RTM process
  • Considerations relating to pressure and vacuum
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the process

Tooling for RTM

  • Principals of tooling design
  • Selection of tooling materials
  • Overview of composite mould making process

Materials for RTM

  • Fibre types
  • Resin systems
  • Cores
  • Release agents

Equipment for RTM

  • Mixing and non-mixing equipment
  • The interface between the injection machine and the mould
  • The importance of pressure control
  • Other control considerations
  • Automation
  • Problem solving

Practical demonstrations:

Two practical workshop sessions (one morning and one afternoon):
1. Demonstration using a glass-topped flat panel mould to illustrate the VRTM process and to show the effect of the various process parameters.
2. Demonstration of a more complex mould with the inclusion of core materials and integrated metal inserts.

Questions and Answers

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Booking deadline:

17 Dec 2014


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