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SAMPE - Composites Workshop

New Technologies, Market Advances, Additive Manufacturing & Recycling Applications 

Composites Today - SAMPE's new workshop is back - providing the most comprehensive overview of composites technologies and their many applications available. 

Whether you're new to the industry or in need of a refresher, this workshop will deepen your understanding of this market. 

Learn important, up-to-date aspects of the current and projected markets, critical materials used in forming composites, manufacturing methods for both Advanced Composites and FRP Composites, along with numerous examples of applications and some pertinent videos to enhance the learning process. 

Keynote Presenters:
Day 1 - New Advances for Automotive Applications, by Dana Swan of Arkema, Inc., a leader in Thermoplastic Composites in automotive and aerospace applications 

Day 2 - Advances Today and Various Applications, by Keith Graham, Carbon Conversions, Inc. a leader in carbon fiber recycling and applications technologies


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