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Sector Showcase: Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites in Defence Applications


Join us at Aerospace Bristol for our event where you can tour Concorde.

The defence sector utilises fibre reinforced polymer composites in a number of ways. This includes lightweighting for protective clothing and vehicle components and impact resistance as the material has a high strain/failure ratio but if failure does occur it will shatter and be less harmful to its environment than metal. It can be coupled with other materials to increase protection properties, corrosion resistant for less “in field” maintenance, have embedded functionality with monitoring systems integrated into the material and be designed in a way where pieces can be moulded as one, reducing the number of parts needed and increasing production speed.

This event will look at:

  • An overview of the defence sector and market
  • Technology and innovation
  • Supply chain – opportunities and challenges to supplying the defence sector


Subject to change

09:00    Registration

Event Chair: Hazel Biggs, Knowledge Transfer Manager - Security & Defence, KTN


09:30    Global Opportunities for Composites in Defence – A Market Overview, Richard McKie, Defence Growth Partnership
10:00    The Future of Composites Technology for UK Defence, Sean Cooper, National Composites Centre
10:15    Space, Key to National Security, Market Moves and Composite Structures, Claire Baker, Toray Advanced Composites

10:30    Exhibitor Pitches - 5 minute elevator pitches from our exhibitors who you can meet throughout the day.

11:00    BREAK


11:45    Composites Technology Challenges for Next Generation Combat Air Vehicles, Ian Sudlow, BAE Systems
12:15    Opportunities for Composites in Perforated Structures in Defence Applications, Chris Worrall, TWI Ltd
12:30    Accelerating Change – The Opportunity for FST Compliant Composites within the Defence Sector, Dominic Hopwood, SHD Composites
12:45    Optimising Resin Properties for Impact Resistance in Composite Sandwich Panels, Alexander Fergusson, FAC Technology

13:00    LUNCH


14:00    Keynote: Building the Supply Chain, Christopher Thomson, Leonardo Helicopters
14:30    Moving the Boundaries of Defence Manufacturing to Compression Moulding, John Lutton, Creative Composites
14:45    The Challenges of Manufacturing Composite Parts for the Defence Sector, Jim Erskine, CCP Gransden

15:00    Exhibition time
15:30    Concorde tour (optional – please choose this option when booking below)


This event will take place at Aerospace Bristol.

Sponsorship & Table Top Exhibition

Sponsorship and table top exhibition opportunities are available at this event.

In addition to what's included in the below download, exhibitors will also benefit from a 5 minute elevator pitch within the programme, and dedicated exhibition time after the main programme ends and before the Concorde tour to ensure you get your message across to attendees.

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Confirmed Exhibitors






Event Sponsors


Minden are a UK company involved with the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Service of High Velocity 'on-Tool' Dust Extraction systems for Automotive, Commercial and Industrial use. 30 years of experience form a UK manufacturer.



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