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SIMPLC: Wellbeing in the Workplace: Business resilience for Covid and beyond

Organised by SIMPLC

Covid 19 has impacted all aspects of most businesses; change that would normally be planned over months or even years has had to be implemented overnight, staff are working remotely and isolated from their colleagues, budgets are stretched and there is uncertainty and anxiety. At a time when businesses need creativity, resilience and engagement more than ever in many cases it is just not there. However, there is a way. Prioritising a strategic approach to staff wellbeing offers an opportunity to bring back energy and positivity and can help to get businesses thriving again today, as well as future-proofing them for the next challenge that comes along, because there will be one.

This workshop will explore ways in which we can build resilience, even during challenging times and identify strategies for creating a positive mental health culture within the workplace.  When our leaders and teams are resilient then our businesses are too.  Resilience means being able to flex and adapt.  It means we’re better able to act rather than react. It means overwhelm doesn’t steal our creativity and energy.  From a place of resilience we still experience stress but we have the tools to manage it and work with it keeping us in control and our businesses moving forwards.

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