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SMC BMC Award 2019 Ceremony

The SMC BMC DESIGN AWARD 2019 is the 2nd edition of the international Design Competition, organized by the EUROPEAN ALLIANCE for SMC BMC. This competition recognizes and promotes design excellence by Design students or Young Design professionals (less than 3 years of experience) while using SMC and BMC advanced materials in their designs.

The SMC BMC DESIGN AWARD is intended to reinforce that SMC and BMC are innovative, versatile, cost effective and safe materials, used in products that make significant beneficial contributions to individual consumers and to society. Innovations entered into the SMC BMC DESIGN AWARD will be judged by an independent Jury with expert members from both the Design community and the Composites industry.

The Award 2019 Ceremony, rewarding the best projects, will take place on 10 September 2019 during the Composites Europe Show in Stuttgart.



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