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STC: Digitalisation in Manufacturing: What’s popular, what works and where to start

For business, operational and product development leaders, digitalisation can drive innovation, and improve productivity, reduce waste and enhance customer value. The application of industrial digital technologies even has the potential to reinvent a business. Determining the correct place to start can be a challenge. Many digitalisation projects start with good intent but don’t deliver the anticipated business results.

Join us to understand the correct starting points for digitalisation in a manufacturing business and how to identify why what and how to get the best results.

A study by the Institution of Manufacturing into 212 digital projects more worldwide, identified that many projects are selected for what is popular rather than what works. Equipped with this knowledge businesses can navigate the barriers to adoption and design a digitalisation strategy able to deliver better outcomes.

  • Hear about the results of the report on 212 digitalisation projects.
  • Identify the barriers to progress in successfully delivering digitalisation projects.
  • How to start with a digitalisation strategy.




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