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Sustainable Electric Vehicle (EV) Design - With Plastics and Composites

Integrating high-performance, lightweight plastic and composite materials to extend range and reduce fuel consumption towards net zero.

Governments everywhere are looking to the electric vehicle (EV) as a means to rapidly reduce carbon emissions, clean up our cities and tackle climate change. But while banning the manufacture of petrol or diesel cars, as the UK hopes to do in 2030, seems like a simple move, transitioning to electric vehicles is complex. It will require the UK’s automotive industry to undergo a rapid gear change as it works hard to innovate the required new technologies and materials that can increase the number of EVs on the roads and uptake by consumers.

With the Biden administration in the USA proposing $100 billion USD of investment into EV rebates and China already leading the way with incentivisation - being responsible for over 50% of Electric vehicle production in 2019 – the automotive supply chain in the EU and around the world is on standby for sudden regulatory change that could impact its manufacturing processes.

The Sustainable Electric Vehicle (EV) Design – with plastics and composites conference will bring together all those who are passionate about innovating in e-mobility to lightweight vehicles, reduce range anxiety, accelerate consumer demand and support the achievement of government regulation and targets from across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and beyond. This event will reveal the current level of global progress towards lightweight material integration; design for recycling and EV battery recycling as well as demonstrate how you can overcome the technical, design and engineering challenges that emerge with the transition from creating combustion engine to electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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