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Thermoplastic Composites 2017: Growing the UK affordable thermoplastic composite market

Thermoplastic Composites 2017 is a joint annual event organised by Composites UK and the British Plastics Federation. The UK Composites Strategy predicts an opportunity for growth in the composites sector from £2.3bn to £12bn per annum by 2030 but the UK has to gear-up in order to exploit this potential. One of the immediate areas for development is in affordable composites for a variety of applications and thermoplastic composites will play a significant part. This year the conference will look at the growth of UK thermoplastic composites enabling knowledge transfer on a cross-sectoral level.


The programme is confirmed as the following:

09.50    Registration & Refreshments

10.20    Introduction

10.25    Chairman's Introduction

Overview of Thermoplastic Composites and Their Opportunities

10.35   Overview of Thermoplastic Composites—How Can They be Used in High Volume - Sebastiaan Wijskamp, Thermoplastic Composites Research Centre

10.55   Composites and Thermoplastics: Supply Chain and Technology Transfer Opportunities, Paul Gallen, NCC

11.15   Tea and Coffee Break

Current Standing for Affordable Thermoplastic Composites in the UK

11.40   Large Scale Production of  Thermoplastic Composites, Graeme Herlihy, Engel

12.00   A Techno-Economic Analysis of Reclaiming Long Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites, Gareth McGrath, Flexible Manufacturing Solutions

12.25  Networking Lunch

Engaging OEMs/Tier 1s

13.15   Challenges Facing the High Volume Auto Market, Shanta Desai, Nissan

13.35   Thermoplastic Overmoulding of Structural Composites for Automotive Applications, Grant Andrews, SGL Carbon Fibers

13.55   Developing a Thermoplastic Composite Oil Pan for the JLR ALIVE6 Project, Steve Garrett, Nifco

Case Studies

14:15  The Real Total Cost of Acquisition of Thermoplastics for Aerospace, Tom Hitchings, Tencate

14:35  Manufacturing and Joining of Thermoplastic Composites in Aerospace, Sean Cooper, Tods Aerospace

14.55  Re-Formative Engineering Process, Rod Fox, Revaluetech

15.15 Close


Registration for this event is now live. Please visit the BPF website here.


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