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Turning the Tide - Opportunities in the Tidal Energy Sector

The market for renewable energy technology has never been stronger. The price of electricity generated by offshore wind and solar energy is approaching that of its fossil fuel rivals and is well on the way for being a major part of our energy supply network.

The Tidal Energy market is one which is rapidly growing and has the opportunity to provide a range of commercial opportunities both in the UK and worldwide. However, it could be argued that in the UK, tidal stands at the cross-roads. Government policy is in danger of stymieing the UK tidal energy sector with its short-sighted approach to funding support.

Tidal energy stands on the brink of the same opportunity as early deployments of the now hugely successful wind and solar energy. History has shown what can be achieved with those technologies and tidal is ready to grow in a similar vein – but it needs the government support through its formative years.

SOREC in partnership with the National Oceanographic Centre (NOC) present an opportunity for companies to explore the supply opportunities Tidal energy will offer. Contributors to the conference include PTEC a strategically important 30MW commercial tidal stream project that has achieved consented status and secured a grid connection offer and world leading turbine partners, the NOC and Sustainable Marine - a sucessful technology development company in the tidal energy sector.

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