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UKRI: IP and Licensing Unpacked: Protect Your Innovation

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Are you looking to capture and leverage your innovation value, keep on top of Intellectual Property and protect your assets?

Intellectual Property (IP) is an integral part of any business strategy. It can offer game-changing value differentiators, turning inspiring innovations into sustainable business success.

Join this free virtual event as we explore ways to enhance your IP knowledge and put you in a better position to negotiate the crucial protection for your invention. You will learn how to obtain the best protection for your IP assets, including your innovations, business name and branding, as well as effectively negotiating appropriate terms of your contract collaboration and licensing agreements. 

Our expert speakers, along with experienced innovation advisers at IUK Edge at Newable, will ensure you can recognise what Intellectual Property Rights you possess, whilst understanding how to effectively protect these assets to yield maximum value for your future business growth.

Apply now to discover new found knowledge in IP, ensuring you have a clear and focussed plan of action. 


Why should you attend?

  • Explore the key aspects in the field of Intellectual Property
  • Acquire top tips on negotiation and how to navigate legal traps and pitfalls
  • Learn how to effectively evaluate a contract and licensing agreement and its key terms
  • Discover the specifics of trade marks, patents, copyright and design rights
  • Connect with like-minded SMEs
  • Discover tools, support and resources available to help
  • Address your pain points with live Q&A with our innovation experts


Who is this event for?

If you are an innovative London-based small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) undertaking Research and Development, looking to effectively evaluate, grow and protect your Intellectual Property assets and to achieve maximum value - this virtual event is for you!


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