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Virtual ATCx Composites - A Complete Composite Workflow for all Industries

No longer niche materials known only to the aerospace sector, interest in composites continues to grow across every industry in today’s world of challenging targets for sustainable, cost-efficient, durable, and lightweight product designs. To attain these demanding objectives, a sound understanding of the materials themselves coupled with proven design and analysis techniques is indispensable. Altair's fast, efficient simulation tools, previously successfully exploited across high-tech industries, are easy to use and now available to everyone.

Altair is proud to bring together a line-up of its own and industry experts for this free-to-attend online event to demonstrate how to save time and money by exploiting their latest integrated multi-disciplinary solutions for composites.

  •     Interested in continuous fibre-reinforced composites? Our composites modeling capabilities provide a new level of easy intuitive workflows within the “Composite Browser”.
  •     For designers of injection molded parts, gaining a better understanding of discontinuous reinforced composites through accurate material modelling leads to faster, better products all while working within easy-to-use simulation workflows.

Join to Learn:

  •     How to leverage the latest composites design, analysis and simulation technologies to reduce development cycles.
  •     How to save money by confidently being able to reduce the amount of physical testing.
  •     How multiscale technology helps resolve prediction of composites’ failure.

In addition, we are offering Workshops dedicated to Material Characterization & Virtual Testing, Ply-based Modeling of Composites, and Injection Molded Parts.

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