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WMG: Understanding Fibre Architecture: Challenges and novel solutions for carbon fibre SMC

Organised by WMG

Compression moulding of discontinuous carbon fibre sheet moulding compound (CF-SMC) is an attractive technology for high volume manufacturing of high-performance composite structures. Fibre orientation and distribution resulting from the flow of SMC are key factors in developing the desired component properties, yet physical determination of these parameters remains a challenge for many reasons.

Join us at this exciting webinar to learn more of the challenges faced in determining CF-SMC fibre architecture and the approaches we took to advance the state of the art. We are also delighted to hear from one of our industrial partners discuss what their current challenges are and what benefits they would derive from this work. You will also have a chance to ask any question you have live with our team on the day.

This webinar aims to showcase our latest composites research at WMG, as well as attract future project partners from both industry and academia to continue our technology development.

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