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Zünd Composite Open Day

Experience live demonstrations of various automated Zünd digital cutting technology and accessories processing composite materials.
About this Event

Join us on the 8th April where our informal event will provide you with the opportunity to freely roam the impressive Zünd showroom, view a range of cutting tables in action and see for yourself how Carbon Fibre, Glass Fibre and other composite materials are processed with impeccable speed and precision.

Our experienced demonstrators will show you the below solutions from Zünd.

Zünd G3 L-3200 with Leibinger- This solution allows part marking whilst cutting composite materials. Leibinger inkjet printers use contactless marking technology for marking batch numbers, kit numbers or material expiry dates. A variety of cutting tools including the UCT, PRT and EOT will be demonstrated on the G3, cutting composite materials such as Carbon Fibre, Honeycomb, Breather and Glass Fibre.

Zünd S3 L-1200 with nesting and projection software- This solution allows customers to nest multiple kits at one time and uses colour projection on the cutting table to identify the different groups of kits. This allows for quicker part identification, picking and sorting.

Zünd CaptureZ- This software allows digitisation of templates or components in one camera click. Individual or multiple pieces can be placed on the workstation and with one mouse click the camera takes a photo and automatically digitises the images of the pieces into vector information, ready for nesting and cutting to complete the cutting room workflow.

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