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Mental health at work

Mental health is about how we think, feel and behave. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health problems. They are often a reaction to a difficult life event, but can also be caused by work-related issues.

Every employer depends on having healthy and productive employees – valued and supported staff are far more likely to deliver the best outcomes for your business. If you want to attract and retain committed employees, prioritising the mental health of your staff needs to be core business in your organisation. Mental health problems are estimated to cost employers on average £1652 per employee per year.

Remember, we can all experience problems, so consider your own mental health and stress levels.

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Composites UK Guidance Notes

  • Managing mental health in the workplace
  • Recognising stress and mental health issues in the workplace
  • Simple practices to help manage work-related stress.


  • Mental health at work policy template
  • Wellness action plan template
  • Stress Risk Assessment Template 2021
  • Example - Stress Risk Assessment Template 2021


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