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Workplace Stress

Why should an employer be concerned about stress and the mental health of their employees?

Work-related stress is a major cause of occupational ill health which can cause severe physical and psychological conditions in your workers. It can also lead to poor productivity and human error, increased sickness absence, increases in accidents, high staff turnover and poor performance in your organisation.

HSE defines stress as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them’.

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to protect employees from work related stress.

Stress is not an illness but it can make you ill. Recognising the signs of stress will help employers to take steps to stop, lower and manage stress in their workplace.

The earlier a problem is tackled the less impact it will have. If you think that an employee is having problems, encourage them to talk to someone, whether it’s their line manager, trade union representative, GP or their occupational health team. Help for line managers to have simple, practical conversations with employees which can help prevent stress is available in the HSE Talking Toolkits.

Remember, we can all experience problems, so consider your own mental health and stress levels.

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Composites UK Guidance Notes

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