Custom Reports

Composites UK can provide custom reports and maps to serve your needs, based on the extensive data in the Hub and our wider knowledge of the UK industry.

For example:

  • Information on the distribution of carbon fibre scrap
  • Summary of those manufacturing and supplying pultruded profiles
  • Distribution of SIC codes used in the composites industry
  • Review of the composites industry and expertise in a region, e.g. for a Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Mapping of materials suppliers by sector and size

If there are reports that need data that we don’t have, we can work with or pass on your request to other organisations who may be able to help.

Private data: Any data given to us by organisations on the Hub which is marked as “private data” cannot be shared in any way that identifies that organisation or reveals that information. Some data can, however be presented in an aggregated form, e.g. an individual company’s waste composite volumes can’t be shared, but we could aggregate composite waste in a region and share that data.

Please contact to request a quote for a bespoke map or report.