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Dataset includes all Composites UK members.

More market data and reports can be found on our Documents page.


BASIC PACKAGE - Free to Composites UK Members

Dataset includes Composites UK members plus organisations with published profiles on the Hub (approx. 350)

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Composites UK Members & Published Organisations

Composites UK Members & Published Organisations by Primary Activity

Composites UK Members & Published Organisations by Primary Market

PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE - Free to Composites UK Members

Dataset includes all organisations in UK composites supply chain of which we are aware (approx. 1400)

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All UK Organisations

All Organisations by Primary Activity

All Organisations by Primary Market

All Organisations by LEP & EDA Regions


  • There are approximately 1400 organisations on The Hub – all of the organisations in the UK composites supply chain of which we are aware.

  • "Published" organisations are those who have provided more detailed information by completing an online profile. For these organisations you can click through to their profiles from the maps. Published profiles can also be searched on the Hub.

  • This data is constantly under review. If you find errors or omissions, or you would like to create a profile for your organisation, please contact [email protected].

  • Only locations of primary sites for each organisation are shown. Some organisations have multiple sites in composites. However, all sites relevant to composites for a published organisation can be seen in its profile.

  • Basic and Professional maps by Activity and Market use the primary activity or market. It should be noted that many composites companies serve several markets and may be involved in more than one activity in the supply chain

  • Purchase of a map package adds the permission to view those maps to one website user, linked to a unique email address.

  • If you are logged in as a member, you will be able to access all maps for free. Click here to see if your organisation is a member. To request Composites UK login, please contact [email protected].


Basic Package:

Composites UK members: Free
Non-members: £150 + VAT per year

Professional Package:

Composites UK members: Free
Non-members: £500 + VAT per year
(Basic package is included in Professional package)

Bespoke maps and reports

If the data you require is not shown, contact [email protected] to request a bespoke map or report.

After purchase, the permission to view maps will be attached to one user account accessed with the email address used in the checkout process.

If you don't have a card payment method and wish to buy a map package, please contact [email protected].


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