Airborne UK

Last Update:
Mon, 4 February 2019
Trading Name: 
Airborne UK
Parent Organisations: 
Airborne International BV
Airborne UK Membury Airfield , Lambourn , RG17 7TJ
West Berkshire
General Business Description: 
Airborne UK is an engineering, design and manufacturing company specializing in composite materials. Our unique capability is to take concepts through from initial design, through prototyping, scale up and the application of automation for high volume, cost effective manufacture.

In addition to being a project partner, we also represent the capability, and products of Airborne, in the UK. Airborne UK wish to make composites affordable through application of automation. This can be individual process automation such as pick and place, ply sorting or automated potting of honeycomb; or bespoke end to end automation solutions for specific requirements.
01488 72224
CUK Member
ISO 9001
Composites Activities: 
Manufacture & Assembly
Product Design
Research & Development
Manufacture & Assembly
Composites Markets: 
Truck, Bus & Industrial
Wave & Tidal Energy
Wind Energy
Truck, Bus & Industrial
Contact(s) for Public Directory: 
NameEmailPositionPhone Number
Joe Summersj.summers@airborne.comManaging Director07903 945041
Number of Sites: 
Number of UK Sites related to Composites1
Number of Non-UK Sites related to Composites0
Total Sites1
Processes UsedProcess Type
Prepreg Hand Lay-UpOpen Mould
Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer MouldingClosed Mould
Gel CoatingPre/Post Process
Post-CurePre/Post Process
Surface FinishingPre/Post Process
Adhesive BondingPre/Post Process
Mechanical FasteningPre/Post Process
WeldingPre/Post Process
Oven/Autoclave CuringPre/Post Process
PreformingPre/Post Process
UK Employees in Composites18
UK Employees in Total21
Worldwide Employees21