Tricel Composites

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Fri, 15 June 2018
Trading Name: 
Tricel Composites
Parent Organisations: 
Milltown Industrial Estate, Greenan Road, Warrenpoint Units 10 & 11, , Newry , BT34 2JR
Newry And Mourne
General Business Description: 
Tricel Composites is a leading global provider of composite product solutions with over 60 years successful operations in both manufacturing and distribution. Our company ethos of “Generations of Innovation” is built around the interlinking themes of; Innovation, Quality and Heritage. These three pillars are the foundation of our success and have been developed and strengthened over the last 60 years.

We supply a full range of product for all application within the composite manufacturing industry that is quality approved by our expert team. Through specific process analysis, our Technical Sales Team can help provide the products to maximise their production capabilities, whilst looking to minimise costs and wastage.

Contact us to speak with a technical expert who will assist in providing the most appropriate product to suit your GRP manufacturing process.
01132 703 133
CUK Member
ISO 9001
Composites Activities: 
Raw Materials
Semi-Finished Materials
Manufacture & Assembly
Business Support / Knowledge Transfer
Education, Training & Recruitment
Raw Materials
Future Composites Involvement Planned: 
Product Design
Composites Markets: 
Motor Sport
Oil & Gas
Wind Energy
Future Composites Involvement Planned: 
Contact(s) for Public Directory: 
NameEmailPositionPhone Number
Steve Tricel Composites (GB) 01132 703133
Sean Tricel Composites (NI)02841 753738
Number of Sites: 
Number of UK Sites related to Composites3
Number of Non-UK Sites related to Composites9
Total Sites12

Raw Materials

Raw Materials Produced: 
Raw Materials Distributed: 
Epoxy Resins
Vinyl Ester Resins
Phenolic Resins
PEEK/High Value Thermoplastics
Other Thermoplastics
Glass Fibre
Carbon Fibre
Aramid Fibre
Natural Fibre
Curing Agents
Release Agents
Dry Fillers
Fire Retardants
Other Functional Additives
Bagging Films & Fabrics
Foam – Flexible
Foam – Rigid
Foam – Injected
Foam - Syntactic

Semifinished Materials

Semi-Finished Materials Distributed: 
Specialist Resin Formulations
Gel Coats
Colour Pastes & Dispersions
Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC)
Low Pressure Moulding Compound
Chopped Strand Mat
Woven Fabrics
Tissues & Surface Veils
Non-Crimp Fabrics
3D Woven Fabrics
Knitted Net Shapes
Self-Reinforced Thermoplastic Fabrics & Tapes

Equipment / Software

Equipment Used: 
Cure Monitoring
Processes UsedProcess Type
Automated Fibre PlacementOpen Mould
Automated Tape LayingOpen Mould
Wet Hand Lay UpOpen Mould
Wet Spray UpOpen Mould
Filament Winding (Multi-axis)Open Mould
Prepreg Hand Lay-UpOpen Mould
Vacuum InfusionClosed Mould
Resin Film InfusionClosed Mould
Resin Transfer InfusionClosed Mould
Resin Transfer MouldingClosed Mould
Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer MouldingClosed Mould
High Pressure Resin Transfer MouldingClosed Mould
Injection MouldingClosed Mould
Cold/Warm Press MouldingClosed Mould
Hot Press MouldingClosed Mould
Diaphragm FormingClosed Mould
Gel CoatingPre/Post Process
Post-CurePre/Post Process
Surface FinishingPre/Post Process
Adhesive BondingPre/Post Process