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Latest Position on the EU Exit Timetable 10-04-2019

Concluding the 10th April Special European Council, the PM agreed with the EU27 leaders an extension to the EU Exit process. The key points are that:

  • The UK and the EU27 have agreed to grant a flexible extension of the Article 50 period for six months to 31 October;
  • If we are able to pass a deal in the first three weeks of May, the UK will not have to participate in European Parliament elections, and the UK will officially leave the EU on Saturday 1 June.
  • If the UK has not ratified the Withdrawal Agreement by the 22 May 2019, and continues to be a member after this date, then the UK must hold European Parliamentary elections. If the UK chooses not to hold these elections, the withdrawal will take place on 1 June 2019.
  • If the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified by both parties before 31 October, the extension would be terminated (withdrawal would take place on the first day of the following month);
  • The agreement also includes a “take stock” moment at the 20-21 June European Council;
  • During this time, the UK will continue sincere cooperation as a full Member State with all the relevant rights and obligations;
  • HMG has agreed this extension through a letter from Sir Tim Barrow to Donald Tusk.

The PM confirmed in her press conference that further talks will take place between the Government and the Opposition to seek a way forward on EU Exit.

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