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Northern Gas & Power Energy Efficiency Partnership

Energy use analysis and procurement

Northern Gas & Power (NGP) have decades of experience in the energy market, offering global influence and buying power. They work with businesses of all sizes to reduce their energy usage and costs, providing significant energy cost savings while reducing their environmental impact. (Download the Services Checklist)

Due to long-standing supplier arrangements with energy companies around the world they can help secure market-leading prices for the energy your business uses. NGP can help you to reduce the amount of energy your business uses, and offers advice on areas such as legislative compliance, energy audits, carbon reporting, invoice validation and budget reporting.

The process

  • Complimentary bill validation to ensure all billing is correct – any rebates go directly back to you.
  • Analysis of energy use using ClearVue hardware installed onsite – this provides up-to-the-second energy use data. (ClearVue) Find out if all your machines are operating efficiently – you can see the exact KwH each machine is using
  • Energy Desk software gives NGP an unrivalled ability to analyse energy use and to suggest improvements. 
  • Procurement of energy – once they understand how your business uses energy, NGP can recommend the correct tariffs that provide the largest cost saving. NGP enables businesses to buy energy as part of an energy buying scheme, thus benefiting from economies of scale and reduced energy costs.

For more information contact Account Managers
Adam Ben-Said – 0191 478 9734
John Murphy – 0191 478 9562


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