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Smart Business Funding from URICA

Smart Business Funding from URICA for Composites UK Members

Get paid on the day you want with no risk and no debt

URICA is suitable for businesses that:

  • Are looking to expand into new markets
  • Want to work with bigger clients
  • Want to better manage their cashflow
  • Want to be able to offer longer credit terms to customers
  • Want to pay suppliers promptly and yet have extended credit
  • Want to strengthen their working capital position

Your customers do not have to be 'big' companies but they do need to be financially stable. URICA rely 100% on their ability to pay them back. This means you can be almost any size and financial strength and still have access to early payment of invoices from URICA.

No personal guarantees or security needed.

URICA Supply Chain Funding offers you:

  • Cash: free of debt and risk
  • Extended credit: up to 90 days
  • A way to minimise risk: that suppliers will fail through slow payment putting your business as risk
  • No long term contract
  • International expansion: a risk-free way to export in 50 countries

Visit to find out exactly how it works or call 0207 193 7616 and quote COMPOSITES UK.


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