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Utility Bill Discount

Utility Bill Discounts

The procurement of utilities within the competitive market has become a good deal more complex and the understanding of tariff structures; timing in the markets; and buying with the benefit of the economy of scale.

Composites UK is working with Business Partners to provide cost-effective solutions for the industry. Click on the schemes below to find out more detail:

Energy and Water Procurement - Briar Associates

  • Management of the energy procurement
  • Market intelligence and tendering
  • Bill validation and monitoring of supplies
  • Tariff opportunities
  • Retrospective cost recovery
  • Account management

Northern Gas & Power Energy Efficiency Partnership

  • Complimentary bill validation
  • Analysis of energy use
  • Improvement suggestion
  • Procurement of energy

Climate Change Levy Exemption

Companies using carbon fibre can obtain discount from the Climate Change Levy (CCL is a tax burden on site utility bills).


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