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Climate Change Levy Discount

Climate Change Levy Discount for Users of Carbon Fibre

Major increase in Climate Change Levy from April 2019!

Briar Consulting Engineers Limited is an environmental consultant which has identified a scheme by which companies using carbon fibre can obtain exemption from the Climate Change Levy (CCL is a tax burden on site utility bills).

This could represent a substantial saving for you if your site energy costs are more than £35k per annum. All areas of carbon fibre usage qualify including recycling, fibre manufacture, intermediate ‘pre-preg’ & woven products and moulded/pressed carbon fibre components. 

Sigmatex has already received rebates of £54,000 through this scheme. See article. Several other companies have received 5 or 6 figure sums, making a combined grand total of over £600k.

An additional energy tax reduction will result if your site or your group use more than 6MkWhpa of electricity, and have a tax burden under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. 

Note: From April 2019 Climate Change Levy increased substantially (45% for electricity, 67% for gas), though CRC has now closed. 

Briar Consulting Engineers Limited will assess your energy use related to the use of carbon fibre and establish your eligibility for the scheme.

No energy reduction targets to meet. No fees in advance - these would only apply after you have received a rebate and/or a reduction in bills. In most cases savings can be back-dated for up to four years.

Contact us for more information on  or alternatively contact Chris Dayus at Briar Associates directly or telephone 01384 397777.


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