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Composites UK receives many requests from potential interns looking for positions in the UK. This page will list potential candidates as well as open positions at UK companies.

Candidates Looking for an Internship

Posted 10th July 2018

Name: Philip Bogucki
Area of composites: Design for manufacture/Manufacturing
Duration: Up to three months
Would like to achieve: I want to gain experience in designing with composites materials outside of academia. I have learnt a lot about how important it is to consider manufacturing to make the most out of fibre reinforced plastics. My long-term goal is to reduce the separation of design and manufacturing with composite material. I believe this would reveal the higher potential of this industry.
Country of residence: United Kingdom

Download Philip's CV here

Posted 19th June 2018

Name: Bahauddin Habibullah
Area of composites: Any
Duration: 1 month (August 2018)
Would like to achieve: I am an Aircraft Engineering student from Russia. I really want to get a work experience in composite area, because I think that composite is the future solution in creating a strong aircraft body, many aircraft manufacturers has started to develop composite aircraft. by mastering composite, I will have a good career prospect after my graduation.
Country of residence: Russian Federation

Download Bahauddin's CV here

Looking for an Internship?

If you're looking for an internship position in the UK, you can list your details on this page for the UK industry to see.

Email with your contact details as well as:

  • The area in composites you would like to intern in.
  • The duration of your ideal internship.
  • A short paragraph of why you are looking for this work and your long-time goals.
  • Your country of residence.
  • Your up-to-date CV/resume.

Your details will be posted here for 3 months and included in our newsletter, sent out to 3,000 composite professionals each month.

Looking for Interns?

If you are a company with internships available we'd love to list your vacancy here.

Please email details to which should include:

  • Type of internship.
  • Job description.
  • Duration the position is available.
  • Any additional help for the successful applicant (pay, help to find accommodation etc).
  • How interested people should apply.

Listings are free-of-charge and placed in our fortnightly bulletin to members.


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