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Composites Assured Practitioner (CAP) Scheme

Improving competency across the composites industry

Why CAP?

The CAP scheme enables a company balance the skills needs of the company against the current workforce. The added value to a CAP registered company includes:

  • Gives an understanding of the competency levels within your company, highlighting any skills gaps within the workforce and thus develops a training matrix to bring the workforce to where you need them to be for your company.
  • Enables you to link project skill requirements with workforce skill levels
  • Impacts on ‘right first time’ targets and thus reduces scrap rates giving substantial cost savings.
  • Demonstrates to your customer base that you are committed to maintaining and improving quality.
  • Demonstrates the compliance of your workforce within audited schemes such as NADCAP, ISO standards and SC21.

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CAP Framework

Composites UK will work with your company to guide you through the CAP accreditation process. From a standard format of over 300 skill traits and knowledge areas, a fine tuned list will be developed specifically for your company to ensure the relevant competencies are assessed. Core competencies will be included. This process will give a general GAP analysis of available competency against the skill level required. A training matrix can be developed to fill the gaps. The training itself is not included in CAP.

The processes which CAP currently covers are pre-preg, wet lay-up and resin infusion.

Each individual is assessed against the competencies agreed for your business and marked as performing at a skill level against each relevant entry. The individual will gain a competency passport which is a record of their competency level across a range of skills assessed. Each passport is valid for 3 years and can be renewed at that time or before then if required – a renewal fee will apply.

There are defined steps and options for companies to carry out in-house assessments once their own assessors have been trained and accredited or to continue to use external assessors. Composites UK is a BIIAB approved assessment centre.

It is recommended that companies sign up initially to one of the basic packages to enable them to see the value of CAP for themselves. Once this process has been completed, the company has the option to register the remainder of their workforce and either assess using their own Composites UK trained and approved in-house assessor(s) or use an external Composites UK approved assessor.

Each company will hold the passports for their own workforce.

CAP for Subcontractors

Subcontractors can apply to be assessed by an external assessor. A subcontractor will have access to their own registered entry only. Subcontractors will be assessed at an external assessment centre..

Further Details

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