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How to Join

How can I join Composites UK and what are the costs?

The cost to join Composites UK is based upon the size of your company in terms of the number of employees.

Fees currently stand as follows.

Academic institutions £310.00*
Sole trader £310.00*
2 - 10 employees £395.00*
11 - 50 employees £705.00*
51 - 100 employees £1065.00*
101 - 249 employees   £1420.00*
250+ employees £1885.00*


 *Prices exclude VAT.

The price of membership is for a year’s subscription which runs from the month closest to when you join.

Add-ons and Sub Groups

You can opt in to become an Affiliate Member of Make UK (Free).

You can also add an optional subscription to one or more of our sub-groups:

Materials suppliers £150.00*
Construction An additional 10% of your chosen membership tariff (i.e. if joining as 2 - 10 employees at £297 an additional £29.70 will be applicable).*
Sustainability £150.00*


*Prices exclude VAT.

Apply Online

Click here to apply online. Your application will be forwarded to us where we'll authorise it and raise an invoice, which can be paid by bank transfer, credit card or cheque.

Download an Application Form

Download this form - 2022 - 2023 Membership Form.pdf - or request one from


Once we receive your application, the Board of Directors will review and authorise this. Payment will then be taken if you have provided us with credit card details or a cheque, if not, an invoice will be raised.

Please note that your membership does not begin until payment has reached us. When payment is made you will be sent a welcome pack, which will be delivered in the post and by email to the named contact specified on your application.


If you have any questions before you join, please do contact us as we’ll be happy to discuss membership with you and how it relates to your business.


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