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Tebis CAD/CAM for 5-axis Mill Trimming Webinar

For over 35 years, Tebis has provided CAD/CAM/MES software and associated services for mechanical component, model, pattern, die and mould manufacture, serving aerospace, automotive, motorsport, oil & gas industries etc.

Tebis offers a specialist 5-axis...

Tebis CAD/CAM 5-Axis Roughing for Complex Forms

Tebis' 5-axis roughing has been designed for a simple and fast roughing operation that removes the maximum amount of material in a single operation by utilising full 5-axis motion. There is a huge time saving...

Tebis to Showcase Advanced 5-axis CAM Solution at DMG MORI Open House

On 15th, 16th and 17th of October 2019, Tebis CAD/CAM/MES experts will be invited to showcase Tebis’ Advanced 5-axis CAM solution at DMG MORI Open House at Middlemarch Business Park, Coventry.

At the DMG Mori...


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