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Overcome Manufacturing Challenges With MSP’s Webinar and Seminar Series

MSP are pleased to announce the launch of their Webinar and Seminar series. One Webinar a month will take place from March – May (three Webinars in total), leading up to a Technical Seminar at...

Scott & Fyfe’s Solution to the Extreme Challenges of CIPP

Scott & Fyfe are an employee owned, technical textile manufacturer based in Tayport, Scotland.  With over 150 years of experience, Scott & Fyfe continually remodel their product portfolio to service and support the prevailing market...

UK Flowtechnik: The Key Challenges of Pumping and Metering Resins

Pumps and flow meters are essential equipment in the composites industry. Recent developments in technology means that more advanced pumps and flow meters are now being used to dispense special resins. However, there are several...


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